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Zyxel GS1920-48
48-port GbE Smart Managed Switch

Zyxel GS1920-48

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Zyxel Products
Zyxel GS1920-48
GS1920-48v2 - Hybrid NebulaFlex 44 Port GbE L2 Advanced Web Managed Switch + 4 GbE Combo GbE/SFP + 2 GbE SFP (50 Total Ports)
List Price: $529.99
Our Price: $379.99

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Zyxel Smart Switch Simplifies Robust Network Management

Today’s small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) expect a higher level of performance from their networks—more connections to support diverse applications, fewer network disruptions, easier management and a greater degree of network security. The Zyxel GS1920 Series of switches fulfills these expectations with support for 24/48 100/1000BASE-T PoE Plus or non-PoE copper ports, as well as non-blocking performance and high-power budget support to facilitate a greater number of network connections.

The Zyxel GS1920 Series offers network protection features and comprehensive access management functions to establish a reliable and secure network environment. Easy deployment, smart management and solid security—the GS1920 Series is the best solution for SMB networks.

  • Smart managed switch with essential L2 features
  • GbE RJ-45, GbE combo (RJ-45/SFP) and fixed GbE SFP connectivity
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3af PoE and 802.3at PoE Plus
  • High 375-watt power budget
  • Supports ZON Utility, Smart Connect and iStacking facilitates easy network initialization and management
  • Reliable network availability with Loop Guard, IPSG, and CPU protection
  • RADIUS, static MAC forwarding and 802.1X authentication-enhance network security
  • Future-proofed with IPv6 support


Advanced standard compliance with intelligent power function support

Zyxel GS1920 Series PoE switches support 802.3at PoE Plus standards, with a 375-watt high-power budget to meet the connectivity needs of additional powered devices like 802.11ac WLAN access points, VoIP phones and IP cameras. Not only do the GS1920 Series switch PoE models feature full PoE ports, they also employ intelligent technology. While set to Consumption Mode, switches can automatically detect the power consumption status of each powered device and supply only the amount of power required. This intelligent power allocation function minimizes wasteful overpowering of devices, thereby helping businesses save money, while enabling the PoE switch to power more devices.

Zyxel ONE Network experience

Aiming for relieving our customers from repetitive operations of deploying andmanaging a network, Zyxel ONE Network is designed to simplify the configuration, management, and troubleshooting, allowing our customers to focus on the business priorities. Zyxel ONE Network presents an easy-to-use tool, Zyxel ONE Network Utility (ZON Utility), to realize speed network setup. Zyxel Smart Connect* allows Zyxel networking equipment to be aware and recognize each other and further facilitating the network maintenance via one-click remote functions such as factory reset or power cycling. Zyxel ONE Network redefines the network integration across multiple networking products from switch to Wi-Fi AP and to Gateway.

ZON Utility Power Cycle Reset to Default Web GUI Redirection Neighbor Device Discovery

Robust network availability

Network disruptions are a frequent source of headaches for small to medium-sized businesses. Whether outages are caused by internal errors or outside attack, the Zyxel GS1920 Series protects users from network disruptions and ensures uninterrupted connectivity through several key features. Loop Guard helps networks avoid service disruptions caused by switching loops, and IP Source Guard (IPSG) shields your network from MAC spoof and ARP spoof attacks. Additionally, attacks such as BPDU, ARP and IGMP can target network facilities. However, CPU protection guarantees that a network continues to operate, even while under attack. Furthermore, dual firmware image and configuration features improve network reliability and availability. These are just some of the ways the GS1920 Series switches guarantee headache-free network connectivity for SMBs.

Rigorous access protection to secure the network

The Zyxel GS1920 Series provides efficient allocation of network resources while ensuring comprehensive access protection, along with simple and secure network control. Not only does the GS1920 Series support 802.1X authentication with RADIUS, but it can monitor, filter and police all traffic between clients within the same subnet, creating an even higher degree of security.

Key Applications:

Deployment with ZON utility and supported Zyxel One Network inter-device features

  • Discover neighbor devices
  • Access the GUIs of neighbor devices with one click
  • PoE switches can do factory reset for neighbor devices* remotely
  • PoE switches can power cycle neighbor PDs
Deployment with ZON utility and supported Zyxel One Network inter-device features
* Reset to factory default only for Zyxel products


GS1920-48HP Front View
Model GS1920-24 GS1920-24HP GS1920-48 GS1920-48HP
Product Name 24-port GbE Smart Managed Switch 24-port GbE Smart Managed PoE Switch 48-port GbE Smart Managed Switch 48-port GbE Smart Managed PoE Switch
  GS1920-24 GS1920-24HP GS1920-48 GS1920-48HP
Port Density
Total port count 28 28 50 50
100/1000 Mbps 24 - 44 -
100/1000 Mbps PoE - 24 - 44
Gigabit SFP - - 2 2
Gigabit combo (SFP/RJ-45) 4 4 4 4
Switching capacity (Gbps) 56 56 100 100
Forwarding rate (Mpps) 41.67 41.67 74.40 74.40
Packet buffer (Bytes) 1.5 M 1.5 M 1.5 M 1.5 M
MAC address table 16 K 16 K 16 K 16 K
Power Requirement
Input voltage of AC 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Maximum power consumption (Watt) 27.2 476.7 40 503
Total PoE power budget (watt) - 375 - 375
Physical Specifications
Item Dimensions (WxDxH)(mm)(in.) 441 x 131 x 44/
17.36 x 5.16 x 1.73
440 x 330 x 44.5/
17.32 x 12.99 x 1.75
440 x 200 x 44.5/
17.32 x 7.87 x 1.75
440 x 330 x 44.5/
17.32 x 12.99 x 1.75
Item Weight (kg/lb.) 2.17/4.78 4.79/10.56 3.04/6.7 5.13/11.3
Packing Dimensions (WxDxH)(mm)(in.) 561 x 220 x 82/
22.08 x 8.66 x 3.23
583 x 451 x 98/
22.95 x 17.75 x 3.86
512 x 293 x 92/
20.15 x 11.53 x 3.62
586 x 452 x 97/
23.06 x 17.79 x 3.82
Packing Weight (kg/lb.) 3.263/7.19 5.747/12.67 4.10/9.04 6.25/13.78
Included accessories • Power cord
• Rack mounting kit
• Power cord
• Rack mounting kit
• Power cord
• Rack mounting kit
• Power cord
• Rack mounting kit
Green Feature
Fanless Yes - - -
Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature 0°C to 50°C/32°F to 122°F
Operating humidity 10% to 90% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature -40°C to 70°C/-40°F to 158°F
Storage humidity 10% to 95% (non-condensing)
MTBF (hr) 211,623.0 133,062.5 255,579.8 120,760
Heat dissipation (BTU/hr) 92.75 1,625.55 136.40 1,572.01


Standard Compliance
  • IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-X
  • IEEE 802.3af PoE
  • IEEE 802.3at PoE Plus
  • IEEE 802.3az EEE
  • IEEE 802.3x flow control
  • IEEE 802.3ad LACP aggregation
  • IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  • IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
  • IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)
  • IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Tagging
  • IEEE 802.1p Class of Service (CoS) Prioritization
  • IEEE 802.1X port authentication

Resilience and Availability

  • IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  • IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol(RSTP)
  • IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol(MSTP)
  • IEEE 802.3ad LACP (Max # Trunks/Links per Trunk): 8/8
  • Loop guard
  • ErrDisable recovery
  • MRSTP (Zyxel Proprietary)
  • Dual configuration files
  • Dual images

Traffic Control

  • 802.1Q static VLANs/dynamic VLANs: 1 K/4 K
  • Port-based VLAN
  • Protocol-based VLAN
  • IP subnet-based VLAN
  • MAC-based VLAN
  • Private VLAN
  • Voice VLAN
  • VLAN ingress filtering
  • LACP algorithm of source/destination IP
  • GVRP
  • L2PT


  • 802.1X
  • Port security
  • Layer 2 MAC filtering
  • Layer 3 IP filtering
  • Layer 4 TCP/UDP socket filtering
  • Static MAC forwarding
  • Multiple RADIUS servers
  • Multiple TACACS+ servers
  • 802.1x VLAN and 802.1p assignment by RADIUS
  • Login authentication by RADIUS
  • Login authentication by TACACS+
  • TACACS+ accounting
  • Authorization on RADIUS
  • Authorization on TACACS+
  • SSL
  • MAC freeze
  • DHCP snooping
  • ARP inspection
  • Static IP-MAC-Port binding
  • Policy-based security filtering
  • Port isolation
  • IP source guard
  • MAC search
  • Guest VLAN
  • ACL packet filtering (IPv4/IPv6)
  • CPU protection
  • Interface related trap enable/disable (by port)

Quality of Service (QoS)

  • No. of hardware queues per port: 8
  • 802.1p queuing method: SPQ, WRR, WFQ
  • Storm control: Broadcast, multicast, unknown unicast (DLF)
  • Port-based rate limiting (ingress/egress)
  • Rate limiting per IP/TCP/UDP per port
  • Policy-based rate limiting
  • 802.3x flow control
  • 802.1p Class of Service (SPQ, WFQ, SPQ/WFQ combination capable)
  • DiffServ (DSCP)

Layer 2 Multicast

  • L2 multicast
  • IGMP snooping (v1, v2, v3)
  • IGMP snooping fast leave
  • Configurable IGMP snooping timer and priority
  • IGMP snooping statistics
  • IGMP throttling
  • MVR support
  • IGMP filtering
  • IGMP snooping immediate leave
  • IGMP proxy mode & snooping mode selection
  • MLD snooping
  • SNMP v1, v2c, v3
  • SNMP trap group
  • RMON (1, 2, 3, 9)
  • ICMP echo/echo reply
  • Syslog
  • IEEE 802.1AB LLDP

IPv6 Management

  • IPv6 over Ethernet (RFC 2464)
  • IPv6 addressing architecture (RFC 4291)
  • Dual stack (RFC 4213)
  • ICMPv6 (RFC 4443)
  • Path MTU (RFC 1981)
  • Minimum path MTU size of 1280 (RFC 5095)
  • Encapsulation for maximum PMTU of 1500
  • Neighbor discovery (RFC 4861)
  • DHCPv6 relay

Device Management

  • Zyxel iStackingTM
  • Web interface
  • Management through SNMP
  • Remote firmware upgrade by Web
  • Configuration saving and retrieving
  • Configure clone
  • DHCP relay per VLAN
  • DHCP client
  • Daylight saving
  • NTP
  • Port mirroring


  • Zyxel private common MIB
  • RFC 1066 TCP/IP-based MIB
  • RFC 1213, 1157 SNMPv2c/v3 MIB
  • RFC 1493 bridge MIB
  • RFC 1643 Ethernet MIB
  • RFC 1757 RMON Group 1, 2, 3, 9
  • RFC 2011, 2012, 2013 SNMPv2 MIB
  • RFC 2233 SMIv2 MIB
  • RFC 2358 Ethernet-like MIB
  • RFC 2674 bridge MIB extension
  • RFC 2819, 2925 remote management MIB
  • RFC 3621 power Ethernet MIB
  • RFC 4022 management information base for transmission control protocol
  • RFC 4113 management information base for user datagram protocol
  • RFC 4292 IP forwarding table MIB
  • RFC 4293 Management Information Base (MIB) for IP


  • Safety
    • LVD
    • BSMI
  • EMC
    • FCC Part 15 (Class A)
    • CE EMC (Class A)
    • BSMI EN
  • RoHS
    • Level A

Zyxel One Network

ZON Utility

  • Discovery of Zyxel switches, APs and gateways*
  • Centralized and batch configurations
    • IP configuration
    • IP renew
    • Device reboot
    • Device locating
    • Web GUI access
    • Firmware upgrade
    • Password configuration
    • One-click quick association with Zyxel AP Configurator (ZAC)

Smart Connect

  • Discover neighboring devices
  • One-click remote management access to the neighboring Zyxel devices
  • Reset neighboring devices remotely to factory defaults
  • Power cycle neighboring powered devices (PoE switches only)

* Gateway supporting ZON utility is scheduled for future release.


Transceivers (Optional)
Model Speed Connector Wavelength Max. Distance DDMI
SFP-1000T Gigabit LC - 100 m (109 yd) -
SFP-BX1310-10-D Gigabit LC 1310 nm (Tx)
1490 nm (Rx)
10 km (10936 yd) Yes
SFP-BX1490-10-D Gigabit LC 1490 nm (Tx)
1310 nm (Rx)
10 km (10936 yd) Yes
SFP-LHX1310-40-D Gigabit LC 1310 nm 40 km (43744 yd) Yes
SFP-LX-10-D Gigabit LC 1310 nm 10 km (10936 yd) Yes
SFP-SX-D Gigabit LC 850 nm 550 m (601 yd) Yes
FP-ZX-80-D Gigabit LC 1550 nm 80 km (87488 yd) Yes
SFP-100BX1310-20-D Fast Ethernet LC 1310 nm (Tx)
1550 nm (Rx)
20 km (21872 yd) Yes
SFP-100BX1550-20-D Fast Ethernet LC 1550 nm (Tx)
1310 nm (Rx)
20 km (21872 yd) Yes
SFP-100FX-2 Fast Ethernet LC 1310 nm 2 km (2187 yd) -
SFP-100LX-20 Fast Ethernet LC 1310 nm 20 km (21872 yd) -


Download the Zyxel GS1920 Series Datasheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

Zyxel Products
Zyxel GS1920-48
GS1920-48v2 - Hybrid NebulaFlex 44 Port GbE L2 Advanced Web Managed Switch + 4 GbE Combo GbE/SFP + 2 GbE SFP (50 Total Ports)
List Price: $529.99
Our Price: $379.99