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Zyxel NebulaFlex
Free Cloud Managed Networking


Zyxel has taken the complex task of managing and deploying multiple networks for multiple organizations into an easy to use single pane of glass on a secured cloud platform. Offering a full range of Access Points, PoE Switches, and Firewalls all managed through the same cloud hosted interface. Similar to solutions by Meraki, Aruba, and Aerohive, but priced so you and your customers can afford it.

Zyxel’s NebulaFlex line of products make it easy for your customers whether they’re ready today to jump into cloud networking or prefer to do things the old fashioned way. Zyxel’s NebulaFlex products make it easy to transition from old school traditional management to modern day secured cloud management. NebulaFlex gives the freedom of switching between traditional management and cloud management any time. Best of all, Zyxel’s Nebula Cloud Management platform is free for life.

Why Nebula?

  • Designed from the ground up to deploy, configure, and monitor multiple sites and multiple customers through a single simple to use interface
  • Unlike our competition, no subscription required
  • Manage an unlimited number of customers, locations, and devices
  • Setup in minutes, no local configuration required

Why Zyxel?

  • Outstanding Performance
  • Lifetime warranty & technical support
  • Robust partner program w/aggressive bid pricing support
  • Comprehensive Portfolio
  • Since 1989

Nebula Products

NebulaFlex WiFi Access Points:

Model Part Number WiFi Type Special
NWA1123ACv3 NWA1123ACV3-US0101F 2x2 11ac
NWA1123-AC Pro NWA1123ACPRO-US0101F 3x3 11ac Ceiling or Wall Mount
NWA1123-ACHD NWA1123-ACHD-US0101F 3x3 11ac MU-MIMO Support
NWA1302-AC NWA1302-AC-US0101F 2x2 11ac Wall Plate, Smart Antenna, Ethernet / PoE Passthrough

NebulaFlex Pro APs:

Zyxel’s NebulaFlex Pro APs come bundled with 3 years of our Nebula Professional Pack, unlocking extra features and expanding cloud logs to a full year. These APs also are capable of being managed by Zyxel’s USG and UAG series of gateways / firewalls.

Model Part Number WiFi Type Special
NWA5123-ACHD NWA5123-ACHD-US0101F 3x3 11ac Wave 2
WAC6303D-S WAC6303D-S-US0101F 3x3 11ac Wave 2, Smart Antenna

NebulaFlex Gigabit Switches:

Model Total Ports Copper Ports Fiber / Copper Fiber Only PoE+ Support PoE Budget Fanless
GS1920-8HPv2 10 8 2 Y 130W Y
GS1920-24v2 28 24 4 N Y
GS1920-24HPv2 28 24 4 Y 375W
GS1920-48v2 50 44 4 2 N
GS1920-48HPv2 50 44 4 2 Y 375W

NebulaFlex 10G Switches:

Model Total Ports Copper Ports Fiber / Copper Fiber Only PoE+ Support PoE Budget Fanless
XGS1930-28 28 24 4 128 Gbps N Y
XGS1930-28HP 28 24 4 128 Gbps Y 375W
XGS1930-52 52 48 4 176 Gbps N
XGS1930-52HP 52 48 4 176 Gbps Y 375W


Download the Zyxel NebulaFlex Battle Card (PDF).