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Zyxel WAC6552D-S
OUTDOOR High Powered Dual Band Dual Radio


Almost nothing can make users to put down mobile gadgets even in awesome festivals or parties as people are so busy recording and sharing their life with their phones. If there’s something that can really stop them, it must be bad WiFi access. Bad WiFi experiences can easily turn into negative reviews on the Internet.

Designed for crowded public outdoor venues, the Zyxel WAC6550 Series access points provide Gigabit wireless connectivity to hundreds of users. With Zyxel’s commitment to RF First, the WAC6550 Series is able to improve both performance and user satisfaction in public environments.

Optimized wireless experience for mobile clients

The WAC6552D-S features Zyxel’s field-proven smart antenna that dynamically changes signal pattern and mitigate interference to extend coverage and provide greater reliability to mobile clients.

Ideal for harsh outdoor environments

The WAC6550 Series offers up to IP67 industry-grade weather proofing and the capability to work in extremely high- or low-temperature conditions.

Built for superior performance

As Zyxel’s commit to RF First, the WAC6552D-S is built with smart antenna and low-noise elements to delivering superior wireless performance. In addition, the built-in surge protector of WAC6552D-S provides an extra layer of protection for your investments against surges caused by lightning.

Unified access point - Fits all businesses

To meet various deployment and environment requirements, the WAC6550 Series can be managed in two ways: you can build a simple network with free ZON Utility. And for complex network, you can manage with physical wireless controllers that offer more advanced features.

Standalone, for when you start

Standalone, for when you start

Controller-managed, for when you grow

Controller-managed, for when you grow