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Zyxel Wireless AX 10G PON Gateway with VoIP

Zyxel Products
Zyxel PX7511-B0
Wireless AX 10G PON Gateway with VoIP
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The Zyxel PX7511-B0 Dual-Band Wireless AX 10G PON Gateway with VoIP is fully compliant with ITU-T G.9807 (XGS-PON) and supports the latest WiFi 6 (11ax) wireless standard in order to provide ultra-high fiber speeds and meet worldwide market requirements for triple-play services.

Zyxel PX7511-B0 Iso

The Zyxel PX7511-B0 comes with one 10GbE LAN and four GbE LAN ports, two VoIP ports, one USB 3.0 port and a 4x4 dual-band WiFi 6 (11ax) WLAN.

As a means of high-speed data transmission, Zyxel’s OPAL software realizes modulation of upper-layer applications and makes PX7511-B0 more powerful for delivering customized software features.

Furthermore, to better extend WiFi coverage and to eliminate possible dead zones, the Zyxel PX7511-B0 optimizes its hardware design to provide stable, reliable wireless connections for high-speed data and multimedia applications to ensure a superior WiFi user experience.

Wifi 6

WiFi 6 (11AX) for superior performance and coverage

Zyxel Integrated Internet

Integrated Internet services through 10G fiber.

Auto Provisioning

Auto-provisioning and remote management through TR-069

OPAL Flexibility

In-house developed OPAL realizes the flexibility and faster time to market


WiFi 6 (11ax) technology for superior performance and coverage

The Zyxel PX7511-B0 features WiFi 6 (11ax) technology to provide an ultimate solution for both speed and coverage. With WiFi 6 (11ax) high-efficiency wireless support, the maximum wireless data rates can achieve 6000 Mbps*, while the MU-MIMO and OFDMA features support reliable wireless connections for high-speed data and multimedia applications. It significantly reduces dead zones in homes, solves the high-density issues, supports the latest high-throughput features and low-latency applications in order to help service providers to achieve better customer satisfaction.


Integrated Internet services through fiber

The Zyxel PX7511-B0 supports 10 Gbps symmetric speed with XGS-PON fiber WAN connection and a 10GbE LAN. The product smoothly migrates from today’s GPON deployments to the next-generation 10G symmetric and asymmetric PON solutions.


TR-069 remote management

The Zyxel PX7511-B0 supports TR-069 that simplifies remote configurations, upgrades as well as management to improve cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Additional support to the latest TR-181 issue-2 data model also enhances service providers’ visibility on subscriber LAN networks for improved customer assistance.

 Remote Management

 Faster Service

Zyxel OPAL for better flexibility and faster time to market

With the same OPAL firmware trunk applied in the Zyxel CPE, the PX7511-B0 inherits a rich, field-proven feature set such as TR-069, VoIP and more. Service providers can expect the same user experience when migrating to new devices. Moreover, the lab qualification time can be greatly reduced with the same OPAL firmware trunk. As a flexible software platform, OPAL offers a modular software architecture and open framework that provides the flexibility for easy feature tailoring to assure smooth resolution of all the application requests.

Application Diagram:

PX7511-B0 Application Diagram

*The maximum wireless data transfer rate is derived from IEEE Standard 802.11. The actual data transfer rate will vary from network environment including distance, network traffic, building site materials/construction, interference from other wireless devices, and other adverse conditions.

PX7511-B0 Specifications:


Download the Zyxel PX7511-B0 Datasheet (PDF).

Zyxel Products
Zyxel PX7511-B0
Wireless AX 10G PON Gateway with VoIP
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