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Zyxel iCard Services
The ZyWALL series correspond iCard Type and activation note

Zyxel iCard Services


iCard is used to activate the external services bundled with the ZyWALL Series. There are three external services that require activation via with the iCard Service License Key.

The iCard services list:

  • AV + IDP (AntiVirus + Intrusion detection & protection)
  • AntiSPAM
  • Content Filter

The iCard levels:

There are three levels of iCard to work with different ZyWALLs: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Some examples include:

  • Platinum: ZyWALL 100
  • Gold: ZyWALL 35/ZyWALL 70
  • Silver: ZyWALL 5/ZyWALL 2

There is also a label on the back of each iCard package indicating the ZyWALL model it supports.

Note: External services can't be activated if the iCard and the ZyWALL model don't match correctly.